The minute you decide to own a business or an investment in Spain, there are numerous stages of administrative procedures that every operational resident or non-resident company is required to complete. 

Benefits at Bufete Quadrant

Our legal team offers superior expertise in managing and fulfilling these legal obligations while saving you valuable time and money.

general Spanish paperwork

Issuing external invoices

Paying incoming

Scheduling payment for suppliers

Vehicle registrations

Administration benefits


We have played a vibrant role in developing corporate contracts and providing comprehensive advice in preparation, negotiations, and interpretations. The quality of these services has earned us the trust of national and international organizations alike.

We are particularly experienced in public procurement, judicial review, and infrastructures. With a proven record of getting our client’s reliable results, our multidisciplinary approach allows our team of vastly trained professionals to take care of all your company’s administrative, tax, employment, and legal obligations.

This service also extends to negotiation shareholder agreements, including contractual or legal related issues relating to the appointment and composition of the managing bodies, transfer aboard of the registered office, remuneration systems for senior management and directors. Corporate form changes, participation in international and national business structuring procedures (spin-offs, merger, asset transfer, and liabilities); the issue of shareholders, and bonds or potential corporate conflicts.

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