Every company needs a trustworthy financial and accounting professional to keep track of their activity to acquire an overall vision of their potential future and promote transparency.

financial statement services

Our financial statement services approach is tailored to simplify your reporting requirements, including monthly management reports, consolidations, and company tax without compromising compliance.

Analysis, review, and verification of profit and loss accounts and balances.

Financing resources, including analysis and planning of investment and risk management.

Financial operations, including analysis of cash flow, balances, integration, or consolidation.

Intervention in the formation of balances and inventories serves as a base for the incorporation, merger, transfer, or liquidation of trade and arbitration procedures in financial matters as required by the law.

Financial requirements in Spain


The Spanish official financial body is represented by the Instituto de Auditores-Censores Juradoes de Cuentas de Espana. After the company formation procedure is completed, the company law and commercial code demand that the company is legally required to record all of its transactions in specific types of financial documents.

The Instituto de Auditores-Censores Juradoes de Cuentas de Espana is also responsible for verifying how commercial bodies apply financial procedures. As stated by the modified accounting system in 2005, the country adopted the International Accounting Standards (I.A.S.), which was implemented to work in line with the European Union guidelines on accounting procedures.

I.A.S. compliance

The I.A.S. compliance depending on the type of investments a company wants to set up in Spain, from an accounting viewpoint, demands that you perform the following legal entity:

  • Obtain financial books in advance of engaging in any commercial activity.

  • The financial books are to be presented to a local Mercantile Registry to be stamped by the institute.

  • The company must present a minute’s book and personnel registration book, in which all the company’s employees are registered.
  • A latter document that presents proof of employee’s registration with the local tax authorities.

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