You’ve succeeded to own an organization or build an estate, our inheritance services provide a solid foundation that protects your inheritance while carefully carrying out your last directives and will, for a harmonious distribution of your properties.

Inheritance Law services in Barcelona

Testament and settlements of inheritance


BarcelonaDesk will judiciously explain your disposition alternatives and analyze current contracts: a will, inheritance contracts, or marriage contracts. We advise you on the best practical solutions to prepare for potential mental inability and options such as living wills. Successions and Inheritance services ensure your heirs get optimum support with asset inventories, inheritance tax assessment, legacy payments, and inheritance claims under the law.

Our attorneys in inheritance law are specialized in legacies and inheritance tax, and therefore are perfectly capable of writing a will without errors. Likewise, our lawyers in the inheritance will advise and solve all possible doubts and complications in Spanish Tax law for you.

As an expats living in the Netherlands, navigating your way through inheritance law can be even more difficult. We have experienced inheritance lawyers that can help you with your needs in Spain. Our inheritance lawyers understand the specific needs of internationals, and can help you to simplify inheritance law and what it means for you.

From the management of the distribution of assets to the settlement of taxes. We have a team of specialist lawyers in inheritance tax and inheritance law. We offer  quality and personalized legal advice, and in addition can carry out the relevant inheritance procedures and the presentation of the corresponding documents.

Our inheritance lawyers can help you with

  • Creation of last will & testament
  • Settlement of the inheritance
  • Dissolution of inheritances
  • Judicial inheritances
  • Inheritances to benefit inventory
  • Inheritances with minors or disabled wills
  • Inheritance taxes

Contact us and request your appointment without any commitment. Our inheritance lawyers can guide you through any inheritance issues.

What you will get from us?

At BarcelonaDesk, we can offer you complete coverage, so you do not have to worry about anything complicated bureaucratic issues related to successions during this process. Procedures we can complete for you are:

  • We can request the relevant official documents
  • We can request the certificates of last wills
  • We can manage the distribution of assets between the different heirs
  • We can make the partition notebook
  • We can accompany you to the notary when signing, advising you, and solving any questions you may have
  • We can manage all the corresponding taxes

Whether you are going to receive an inheritance or if you want to draw up your own will, at BarcelonaDesk, we can help and advise you and solve any possible questions about the inheritance or inheritance tax in Spain.


Frequently asked questions about Spanish Inheritance and Successions Law






Assets inheritance or transfer when someone dies is not automatic, as stated by Spanish succession law. Whoever is the benefactor to inherit the assets has to pay inheritance tax in advance for deed to be handed over. There are events that come into play, including legalizing, transfer, and interpreting a number of documents. Besides, certificates have to be collected and given to the Spanish notary for verification before the Title Deed can be given to the benefactor.




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