Our lawyers in Palma De Mallorca are here to help you with any litigation issues. Contact us, and get in touch with a lawyer that is specialised in your field. Our lawyers speak english and can help you with the details of the Spanish laws.

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Legal issues in Spain can be a complex department. At Bufete Quadrant,we have lawyers and legal advisors that can help you on your way. We  make legal consulting in Spain effortless for our clients.

Commercial & Mercantile Law

Financial & Tax Law

Immigration Law

Inheritance & Succession Law

Labour Law & Social Security

Property Law

Legal guidance on all fronts

We help clients with strategic advice on private and commercial conflicts, also seeking to efficiently remove or possibly resolve disputes when they arise in court. Litigation is a complicated matter. In situations that refuse to arrive at a settlement, our litigation experts are equipped with a strong intention of maintaining the levels of excellence in representing our clients before any state jurisdiction in Spain.

The most common question has always been, “Should I go to court to protect my rights? Unfortunately, on occasion, the answer is yes. Although every enlightened society longs for this need not be existent. The minute the conflict has arisen, or the negotiating activity is not successful, the resort to the Court of Justice becomes the only alternative. Contact us, and our team will help you get the support you need.

Legal advice in Palma De Mallorca

In law matters, we leverage on a multidisciplinary vision to provide legal support. We also align the local legal requirements, and provide a harmonised and legally responsible advice.

We are dedicated to work with expats, foreign investors, business people, and anyone else who needs secure legal advice in Palma De Mallorca.

One of the advantages we offer in this area is an extraordinary approach to labor and social security law. We help resolve everyday Spanish law issues and provide solutions that are always tailored to solve our client’s needs. We provide informed legal advice on matters such as collective bargaining, flexibility initiatives, dismissals, employment contracts, labor risk prevention, and other services.

We go all way out to help our clients handle all legal matters, including work and residence permits, expatriation of employees, investor visa, appeals, and legal advice. Contact us, and we will assist you with the best legal representation possible.

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