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With your permission we place “tracking cookies” on your computer. These cookies are used to improve your shopping experience on Facebook and Google. By clicking on the “accept” button in the status bar you agree to these cookies being placed. These cookies are not linked to your name, address, e-mail address and the like.

Which cookies do we use?

BarcelonaDesk uses cookies with a purely technical and analytical functionality. These ensure that the website works properly and that, for example, your preferred settings are remembered. These cookies are also used to make the website work properly and to optimize it. In addition, we place cookies that keep track of your surfing behavior so that we can offer customized content and advertisements, we only do this when permission has been given. When you first visit our website, we ask for permission to place these cookies. If you still want to delete these cookies, click on the red text below.

What are cookies?

We make use of cookies on this website. A cookie is a simple small file that is sent along with pages from this website and stored by your browser on the hard drive of your computer. We use analytical cookies, tracking cookies and functional cookies. Cookies do not harm your computer. As external parties we only use Google and Facebook. Your IP address is expressly not provided.

Which cookies do we use?

Functional cookies

  • Session cookies (eg: shopping cart cookies)
  • Cookie control cookies
  • Social media cookies for comments, likes and sharing

Analytical cookies

  • Google analytics

Tracking cookies (Remarketing)

  • Facebook Ads
  • Google Ads
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