Buying Spanish property can be a very interesting, fun, and rewarding investment. To make it happen securily our real estate lawyers in Palma De Mallorca can help you.

Benefits at Bufete Quadrant

The practice of real estate has long existed in parallel with the practice of land law. At the moment, it is closely related to the practice of construction. Indeed, property construction has always been considered a prestigious line of business. 

Registration of property rights for real estate

Legislation of re-planning of land in Spain

Making sure the property you deal with is legally built

Legislation of self-building

Real estate contract inspection

Property tax advice and management

Working with our real estate lawyer in Palma De Mallorca


We are here to help you and get your investments / relocation in order. Our benefits are:

  • Reliability: If we have agreed to provide you with assistance with real estate issues the work will be done. Thanks to our real estate lawyers’ deep legal expertise, we work without delay and calculate the risks ahead.
  • Simplicity: Real estate and construction are already confusing enough to add buzz or complexity artificially. Our task during legal advice on real estate issues is to clarify the whole situation for you so that the issue’s solution is simple and obvious.
  • Availability: Our real estate lawyers in Palma De Mallorca can be consulted by phone, in our office, or in any other way convenient for you. When starting work, we will keep you informed of all news and actions taken.
  • Efficiency: Our lawyers provide services not only in real estate but also in other areas of law. This helps to approach any issue from several sides, and find sometimes unexpected, but more effective and efficient ways out of the situation.

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